GENIUX- *Read Warnings* Shocking Cognitive Enhancer

Geniux Brain Booster

Although full body health is compulsory for a healthy human being but a healthy brain lets you out perform in your life from other. But the question is how can one improve the brain performance? There are many brain exercises to improve brain performance but they are quite difficult and time taking. The other option is to take a brain supplement which is the easiest way to improve brain performance. But again there is the issue of selecting a brain supplement which really works. Most of the supplement in the market just consist sweet capsules which do not provide any benefit. But they are capturing a big share of market with help of investing into massive advertisement. Today here I will introduce you with a brain supplement which not only works well but also makes your life happier than ever before. This supplement is named Geniux. Geniux is made after years of research and experiments to provide with a supplement which can bring your brain performance to a level which every one desires. Geniux is made with 100% natural and pure ingredients and there are zero side effects or complaints so far. Let’s read in detail that how this supplement works for us, how it benefits, where can we buy it from and other details so that we can know the fact about this supplement.



Get Results within 15 minutes

You can start sense the outcome of Geniux within 15 minutes of its use. It is a very effective and fast result producing supplement. I for myself have tried my brain boosting supplements but never seen such fast and successful results as I felt after using Geniux.


No Side Effects

The ingredients of this supplement are 100% natural and safe and do not harm your body in anyway. So far there is not even a single unsatisfied consumer reported on any plat form.


Geniux is Clinically Proven

The results of Geniux are clinically proven. It is formulated under the supervision of best doctors from the respective field. According to the manufacturer it took them 15 years to come up with a supplement which can provide fast and effective results to improve brain performance.



Pure and Natural Ingredients

Geniux is made with natural ingredients only. It does not contain any side effects. The ingredients which are used are selected on the basis of ancient herbal theories and formulated into an advance formula under the supervision of doctors.

GENIUX- *Read Warnings* Shocking Cognitive Enhancer



3rd Party Lab tested as safe

Geniux is 3rd party lab attested for its effectiveness and free of any side effects. All third party lab supplements are recommended to be used without any fear.


Invented by doctors

Geniux is invented by doctors who are professionally reputable and have got years of experience in the field of neurology.


30 Days Money Refund Guaranteed

In any case if you are not satisfied with the performance of Geniux you can return the bottle and get you 100% investment refund.


How does it work?

As you age, it becomes increasingly difficult to remember events and tasks. Even if they are not caused by the passage of time, memory problems can result from conditions such as Alzheimer's disease, asthma, heart problems, diabetes, malnutrition, alcohol abuse, thyroid problems, etc.

The memory loss can seriously affect daily life, but the good news is that it is possible to preserve its operation and prevent complications, simple, affordable and natural.

Food is the main source of nutrition for the brain, which means that vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids and natural ingredients, can improve memory function.

Geniux offers a 100% natural treatment made from ingredients from nature and able to protect the circulatory system, improve concentration, optimize memory performance, and reduce the risk of neurological diseases such as Parkinson and Alzheimer.



The Benefits

Geniux has changed the life of many people by letting them out perform in their daily life. Following are the visible benefits which you can feel within 15 minutes of its use:

1- Cognitive Enhancer

2- Energy Booster

3- Produces quick results

4- Improved and amplified focus

5- patent thinking

6- maximizes memory

7- Easy to use dosage

8- successful results

9- Improves memory retrieve time

10- Improved learning



Answers to Frequently asked question about Memory

Memory is defined as "the power or process of reproducing or recalling what has been learned and retained. It is the ability to remember the past and all the facts of life, which let you create links, emotions and feelings.


The ability to remember is divided into 3 phases:

Encryption: is the time when the information is recorded

Consolidation or storage: the brain takes the information that has been encoded and processed for storage in certain areas.

Recovery: when the person remembers the information you have stored in the brain in response to a signal, and then use it in a process or activity.

The brain is made up of different parts, the hippocampus is one of the parties mainly involved in processing memories. Both the old information as the recent, processed and stored in different areas of the cerebral cortex.

With aging, you can see changes that affect memory that could be considered normal.

Half of people over age 50 have mild forgetfulness-related memory impairment.


What it is considered normal aging memory?

Forget something once in a while, like a name or the place where the keys were left, it is normal. Aging occur slight changes in cognition that affect memory and become part of everyday life. The memory has several functions that may be affected by aging.



Memory functions that are maintained with age

Inaccessible memory

Procedural memory (for tasks)

Logical memory (general knowledge)

Memory functions that decline with age

Learn new information

Remember new information (takes longer to learn new things and remember)


What are the changes that occur in cognitive memory due to aging?

Slight problems in pronunciation and the ability to combine the words used in the community. Language comprehension, their rules are maintained, semantic memory.

Slight decrease in ability to find words spontaneously and verbal fluency. However, the vocabulary is kept.

The speed with which information is processed is attenuated gradually decreases the ability to solve problems and to react.

It decreases the ease with which they execute the tasks.


Who should worry about memory changes?

The individuals who present amnesia, memory misfortune or noteworthy disability of memory.

Exceptionally neglectful individuals with depressive damages, coronary illness, thyroid issue, vitamin lacks or symptoms from the utilization of a medication.

Individuals with subjective memory disappointment, loss of scholarly capacities that meddle with day by day life or dementia (memory, dialect and information are harmed and avert perform day by day assignments without the assistance of someone else).


What are the causes of memory problems?

Shortly cognitive impairment



Silent infarcts

Head trauma

Stress and anxiety

Hyperactivity disorders


Metabolic diseases (diabetes, thyroid disorders, hypercholesterolemia)


B12 deficiency


Prescription drug use


GENIUX- *Read Warnings* Shocking Cognitive Enhancer


Following causes cognitive impairment:


Vascular infarction

Pick Disease





What are the symptoms of memory problems?

Shortly cognitive impairment

Forget the events that have recently occurred

Need for reminders

Difficulty performing daily tasks


After effects of cognitive impairment

Inability to perform the complicated daily tasks (taking medications, shopping, driving)

Inability to notice memory loss

Inability to perform familiar tasks like driving a car

Inability to remember recent events

Confusion and decreased alertness






How memory disorders diagnosed?

The doctor will try to determine if there is any underlying cause of memory disorders.

The questioning of the patient and the family, help test the ability of the person to recall events, names or places. History of trauma, stroke will also be sought, so it might be required performing a computed tomography (CT) scan or EEG.

The doctor will also inquire background of metabolic diseases and hypertension. He in turn performs a physical exam and order laboratory tests.


How to prevent memory disorders?

Try to keep the memory active

Focus your attention, concentrate on what you do, try to avoid multiple tasks.

Have a healthy diet high in antioxidants and olive oil.

Ask your doctor about using natural supplements that help memory as Geniux.

Do cognitive exercises. The exercises for memory, reasoning, response speed, reading or solving puzzles, improve understanding.

Involved in social activities

Minimize the cardiovascular risks

Reduced or combat stress and anxiety, these endanger the brain areas involved in memory processing.

If you have any metabolic disease, try to stick to their treatment.

Use calendars and clocks, lists, write daily activities, try to park in the same place, put the keys in the same place, etc.


Brain health and cognitive function

The mind becomes wiser with age, but generally some symptoms usually appear as impaired memory, forgetfulness, difficulty retaining information but relate to symptoms that accompany the aging process are merely symptoms that translate the presence of disease.

But this must not be. Experts in anti-aging can recommend a number of techniques for active and preventive action:

Functional diagnostics (PET, P300) and anatomical (MRI-CT)

Neuro cognitive tests

Reduction of free radicals and inflammatory through better nutrition and supplements processes.

Neurons, or nerve cells, send electrical impulses through the brain as similar to the branches of a tree network. As in most body cells, neurons are slowly deteriorating over time. This is generally accepted as a natural and inevitable phenomenon, but research has shown that one of the main culprits of this deterioration are free radicals.


Brain health and cognitive function

Based on these findings, the scientists found strong evidence that this deterioration can be delayed by eating a diet rich in antioxidants.

Polyphenols are one of the most effective antioxidants to fight free radical damage. Polyphenols are commonly found in grape seeds, which can be taken in its natural form, in a glass of wine or supplements in tablets.

Another very important aspect in relation to brain health is proper nutrition. Below is a list of foods and supplements shown to feed a healthy mind.

Spices such as cumin, garlic, tarragon, cinnamon and pepper


Fish oil


B vitamins


Alpha lipoic acid

Vitamin E


Green tea for its antioxidant effect

Exercise improves blood flow to the brain, thereby improving the supply of oxygen and glucose as well as the neuronal response to stress.

The profit for the year is primarily related to:

Improvement of cognitive function

Decreased anxiety and stress

Decreased risk of dementia and Alzheimer's disease

Increased certain neurotransmitters

Improving the sense of wellbeing


A balanced exercise routine and individually prescribed by your doctor will help you get all these benefits and reaching their full potential.


Counteract the effects of stress

Easier said than done, but is an essential part of achieving a healthy brain. This is because the portion of the brain where memories are formed, hippocampal, can be adversely affected by stress.

The easiest way to eliminate stress is with a healthy dose of sleep. Scientists have found that a good night's sleep can advance a person's ability to solve difficult problems.

Possibly the most pleasant part of fighting stress is the best medicine of all:

Laughter stimulates the production of dopamine, a natural chemical to which the body responds to a pleasant sensation.


Excite your mind

Most people go to a gym to encourage muscles, but a person can stimulate your brain almost anywhere. Any activity or hobby that captivates your attention, challenge to think in different ways and we do enjoy new experiences can be the perfect way to ensure that your brain to function at its maximum potential.

By conducting exercises and specific activities can stimulate and bring mental at maximum capacity in order to improve memory functions, visual, verbal, numerical reasoning, and creative thinking and find the mind-body connection and spirit as desired.


Where to Get Geniux?

Geniux is only available from its official website. No local drug store is authorized to sell Geniux Currently. This measure has been taken to make sure that the quality is maintained and to avoid scammers. To visit the official site just follow any of the links provided on this webpage.



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