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No2 Factor Claims to be the World’s No.1 Athlete choice

Are you looking for a muscle building supplement? Are you worried about fake or scam supplements? Then you are at the right place as I have done a market research and found that No2 Factor is really producing results. No2 Factor is L-arginine formula which works to improve your blood flow which as a result gives your body more solid and improved muscles. As claimed by its official website it gives you mass muscles naturally, makes you stronger and gives you more stamina for workout. The official site also claims that many Hollywood stars and athletes are using this great supplement. Here in this article I will explain No2 Factor supplement in detail covering its working method, Benefits, Shocking Side Effects, where to buy, dosage and more. Keep on reading to get maximum benefits from this supplement.

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How does No2 Factor affect your body?

NO2 Factor is an L-arginine formula which converts into Nitric Oxide formula. Nitric Oxide widens and relaxes the blood vessels so that the proper blood flow can be available to all the muscles in a natural way and as a result the body muscle growth boosts up. L-arginine also supports healthy metabolism production. Nitric oxide provides muscle with required oxygen and it also reduces pain and stress during workout.

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Benefits of No2 Factor

No2 Factor provides your body with the following benefits:

1- Boosts Power

2- Endurance

3- Accelerates Muscle growth

4- Zero Side Effects

5- 100 Harmless Ingredients

6- Builds Lean Muscles

7- Maximum Performance

8- More Confidence

9- Creatine Free

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Athletes Recommended Choice

No2 Factor is the only recommended choice of athletes. It has got such a powerful result which are desire of every athlete.

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No2 Factor is made with 100% result producing and zero harm rate ingredients. Following are the ingredients which are part of No2 Factor:

1- L-Arginine

2- A-AKG

3- A-KIC

4- OKG

5- GKG

Recommended Dosage

No2 Factor should only be consumed as recommended by manufacturer in order to get maximum benefits.

Shocking Side Effects

This supplement does not got any side effects it is 100 % safe to use.

Free Trial

Free trial of No2 Factor is available from its official website.

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Where to Buy

You can buy No2 Factor from its official website only.

Ingredients in Detail

1- L-Arginine

L-Arginine is an amino corrosive vital for protein combination in the body. L-Arginine was initially detached in 1886 and 1932 was observed to be important to make urea, a waste item valuable to expel lethal smelling salts from the body. In 1939, specialists found that L-Arginine is likewise expected to make creatine, which separates into creatinine at a steady speed and is killed from the body by the kidneys.

Where does L-Arginine

L-Arginine is found in red meat, poultry and dairy items. It is viewed as a semi-key amino corrosive on the grounds that despite the fact that the body ordinarily delivers, it is infrequently important to supplement it. L-Arginine Pro contains the appropriate measure of this substance.

Component of Action of the L-Arginine

Arginine is changed over to nitric oxide, which causes unwinding of veins. Experimental studies recommend that this substance can help treat conditions that enhance with vasodilation. Arginine additionally animates the blend of protein and could be valuable for upgrading injury recuperating, development of muscles and sperm generation (spermatogenesis). L-Arginine likewise empowers the arrival of development hormone, insulin and different substances in the body.

Advantages of L-Arginine

It enhances recuperation after surgery

It aides enhance congestive heart disappointment

It is suggested for midsection agony connected with coronary supply route sickness (angina) and to treat atherosclerosis Help bladder aggravation

Underpins the aversion of weight reduction in individuals with HIV/AIDS

Anticipates erectile brokenness

Enhances kidney work after a kidney transplant

It helps alleviate agony brought about by spasms and shortcoming in the legs connected with blocked corridors (irregular claudication)

Averts cerebral pains

Delays the onset of dementia

Enhances mending of diabetic foot ulcers

Brings down circulatory strain

Enhances male barrenness

Keeps the regular chilly

Enhances athletic execution

Advances wound mending

Aides enhance female sexual issues


L-Arginine is likely safe for the vast majority. It can bring about some symptoms, for example,

stomach torment


Loose bowels


Aggravation of the aviation routes

Compounding asthma


Unique notices and safety measures

Pregnancy and lactation: keep away from utilization

Icy, sensitivity or asthma keep away from utilization

On the off chance that you have had a late heart assault, maintain a strategic distance from utilization

Surgery quit taking L-Arginine no less than 2 weeks prior to surgery

Generally it collaborates with antihypertensives, nitrates, nitroglycerin and sildenafil (Viagra) so you ought to counsel your specialist before utilizing L-Arginine

Patients taking blood thinners ought to converse with their specialist before utilizing arginine

Arginine may build the levels of glucose. Alert is prompted in patients with diabetes

Arginine may build potassium levels, particularly in patients with liver sickness

L-Arginine can exacerbate the indications of sickle cell malady

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2- A-AKG

Arginine is an amino corrosive normally created by the body, which assumes vital parts in the body as twisted recuperating, kidney help with the evacuation of body waste and add to the support of our invulnerable and hormone capacities.

It is additionally utilized as a part of supplementary encouraging competitors, and their utilization identified with muscle wellbeing and incline mass increases.

The AAKG variant is framed by the intersection of arginine with alpha-ketoglutarate, a piece of the Krebs cycle, digestion system happens district where the generation of ATP, a particle in charge of supplying vitality for the cells.

AAKG is likewise utilized as a part of the supplementary nourishing competitors, meaning to pick up bulk and enhanced perseverance amid physical activity with commitment to the recuperation of the body after sessions of weight preparing.

As the principle distinction of them, remember that AAKG is viewed as prevalent, being reported as best for supplementary sustaining competitors to advance vasodilation and even the time-discharge impact (steady discharge) of nitric oxide in the body. Producers likewise guarantee that AAKG is preferred assimilated over L-arginine. This component would give AAKG enhanced capacity of the muscles get more oxygen and supplements to develop and enhance execution. It is imperative you realize that these cases are not completely demonstrated.

Next, you will see the advantages and conceivable symptoms connected with these two types of arginine and contrasts.

Advantages of Arginine

Arginine is an amino corrosive which advances advantages for the soundness of the heart and blood course. The purpose behind this is that inside of our body it transforms into nitrogen oxides, a neurotransmitter that brings veins unwinding and enhances dissemination.

For muscle wellbeing, it is gainful for adding to the blood supply. In the body, Arginine likewise helps in incline mass and fat misfortune, as it assists with protein union. It additionally animates the arrival of development and reasons fat digestion system hormone.

Another point of preference is the change in muscle execution by keeping a force source, for example, glycogen, to be utilized rapidly by the body, along these lines deferring weakness.

Significantly, the consequences of Arginine in the weight must be ensured if, alongside supplementation, the individual keeping up an adjusted eating regimen which incorporates the utilization of minerals, vitamins, protein and different supplements required by the body.

Moreover, it is relegated to amino corrosive change of blood stream inside of the corridors of the heart, which serves to diminish a few manifestations created by blockage of courses, of angina (midsection torment that brings) and coronary supply route malady.

The individuals who experience the ill effects of erectile brokenness can likewise calm the issue with Arginine, accurately in light of the fact that it enhance blood stream and unwind the corridors.

It additionally has calming properties, which have helped demonstrated in the treatment of irritation in the bladder furthermore helps in the mending of tissues after surgery and the recuperation of muscle filaments.

There is additionally confirm different properties of Arginine as bringing down circulatory strain and enhancing the strolling of patients with discontinuous claudication, a condition that brings shortcoming and leg issues. In any case, there is still the requirement for more exploratory proof of its viability for these cases.

Advantages of AAKG

Athletic execution, the AAKG supplement helps competitors to practice longer, importance less agony, diminishing muscle firmness and growing more incline mass. Arginine exhibit in the sythesis fortifies protein amalgamation, which helps in the development of muscles, expanded quality and perseverance.

Take 10 to 15 g of item for every day can likewise help to build insulin levels in the body, which hypothetically is joined with the increase in quality and muscle development, given that the hormone invigorates the generation of protein, unequivocally the that the muscles are made of protein.

Besides, arginine Alpha-ketoglutarate substance can be utilized as a part of the treatment against kidney infections, unsettling influences in the gut and stomach, liver issues, waterfalls, erectile brokenness, barrenness issues and used to increment sexual vitality.

Reactions of Arginine and proposals

The rundown of reactions that incorporates the Arginine can bring about stomach torment, bloating, loose bowels and drop, an incendiary malady that happens when the body can not wipe out uric corrosive, expanding their vicinity in the blood.

The amino corrosive may additionally intensify a few issues, for example, indigestion, gastritis and ulcers, herpes, and expand stomach acridity.

Utilization of Arginine supplements are not prescribed for pregnant ladies or who are still bosom encouraging without specialist's direction. The utilization is contraindicated for individuals with diabetes and the individuals who have officially endured a heart assault.

As indicated by New York University in the United States, the most extreme sum endured by people bodies every day is 20g. Additionally, realizing that Arginine is as of now normally created in the body, it is critical to counsel a specialist before choosing to get higher measurements of the amino corrosive, either by supplementation or utilization of nourishments rich in the substance.

Symptoms of AAKG

AAKG supplementation may offer more prominent wellbeing dangers because of the vicinity of added substances to the structure. Instances of heart palpitations, discombobulation, regurgitating, and even loss of cognizance have been accounted for in individuals who have substance utilization. Obviously it relies on upon the sum and these cases were accounted for with incredible utilization.

The AAKG in light of the fact that normally thin the blood, so individuals who have effectively utilizing substances that cause this impact ought not take the supplement. As arginine, AAKG additionally actuates side effects of herpes, genital whether molded or mouth blister. So who experiences this issue ought to additionally leave the side supplement.

As the security of the substance can't yet be confirmed in pregnant or are bosom nourishing their children, the utilization of the supplement is not suggested, at the danger of bringing about some sort of harm to the wellbeing of the kid.

Where to discover Arginine

Arginine can be gotten normally from the utilization of creature source nourishments high in protein, for example, pork, hamburger, chicken, turkey and dairy items. The amino corrosive is additionally present in fish, for example, shellfish, scavangers, kelp and fish.

Different fixings, for example, soybean seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, peanuts, walnuts, spinach, watercress, quinoa and oats are likewise amino corrosive sources. The substance is likewise found in soy protein disengage and soy protein concentrate.

It is additionally conceivable to acquire the amino corrosive through dietary supplements.

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3- A-KIC

Boosts strength, stamina, muscle pump, muscle growth and recovery.

4- OKG

It is an amino acid which boost tissue and muscle growth.

5- GKG

Ability to enter the muscle cells directly and gives you more muscles.

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